What is a Known Shipper?

December 23rd, 2016

If you are a new to shipping airfreight you may have been asked if you are a known shipper or not. There is often a lot of confusion surround this question. The below posts aims to answer any questions you have regarding Known Shippers.

After the tragic events of 9/11/2001, The US Department of Homeland Security or DHS, implemented new rules and regulations. Its main goal was to ensure the safety of all future domestic and international flights. The Transportation Safety Administration, or TSA, was in charge of implementing new rules and procedures, revamping others, and overseeing all transportation by truck, rail, ocean, and air. One of the programs TSA overhauled was the Known Shipper Manifest System or KSMS.

Although this program was created before 9/11 by the FAA, it got an overhaul post 9/11. The main goal is to establish strict procedures for air carriers and indirect air carriers (freight forwarders) to distinguish between companies who provide cargo to aircraft. There are two types of companies; a known shipper, and an unknown shipper. To further increase air security, only a known shipper may place their cargo on a commercial aircraft.

A known shipper is defined as a person or company who has an established business relationship with an indirect air carrier (freight forwarder), an aircraft operator, or an air carrier based on such proof items as customer records, shipping contracts, business history, and either an in person site visit, or current Dun and Bradstreet vetting.

If you are not a known shipper, it severely limits the aircraft available to you for shipping. This can affect your transit time, cost, and flight options. ExpeditedFreightQuote.Com can check if you are a known shipper or not. If you are currently not under known status, do not be discouraged. The experts at ExpeditedFreightQuote.Com can walk you through the necessary steps to achieve this status with TSA.

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By: Erik Bendiksen-Senior Account Executive-ExpeditedFreightQuote.Com


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