As we enter into 2017, a lot of companies are assessing their freight program from last year and implementing strategies to make this year even more successful than the last. A lot of new companies will focus strictly on an attempt to lower costs. While I understand the allure of this, it is important not to adopt this strategy without thinking through the consequences. Whenever you purchase the cheapest product or service, you are often leaving something behind. If you purchase the cheapest couch from the furniture store you are often buying cheap materials and poor craftsmanship, if you purchase the cheapest car insurance you better not be expecting the promptest assistance after a claim. Same goes with freight, if you decide to proceed with a carrier based solely on cheapest rate, you should expect that your service will be poor and your transit time will be long.

While I am admittedly biased towards shipping via an expedited method versus a cheap LTL common carrier, I do have my reasons. First, the level of control you have via an expedited carrier is far greater than that of an LTL carrier. Plans change, dates change, times change. It is important to have a carrier who can adjust on the fly and be able to quickly adapt. We are also living in a world where everything is coming faster and people, including customers, want instant gratification. In a world such as this, transit time is becoming a huge competitive advantage. Vendors who are able to supply their customers faster are going to be the ones to renew a contract. The price difference between and expedited option versus a cheap option would be miniscule compared to renewed orders. Finally, the service you receive from an expedited option is personal. It is important for someone to know and care about your business like you do. With ExpeditedFreightQuote.Com, you have a 24 hour experienced account manager who can be reached at any time for questions, pricing, or reports.

When you take a step back and look at the whole picture, the benefits of shipping via an expedited option far outweigh the small cost savings of a cheap freight option. My entire team and I would like to wish you and your company a very Happy and Successful New Year! Request a free online quote today at or e-mail me directly to see what we can do for you in 2017!

Thank you to all of our loyal customers, we look forward to serving you in the New Year!

By: Erik Bendiksen-Senior Account Executive-ExpeditedFreightQuote.Com


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