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Expedited Ground Freight

When LTL common carriers aren’t fast enough, you can rely on the experts at Expedited Freight Quote.Com to deliver your shipment on time, every time. We control your shipment from pick up through to delivery. All shipments move via Expedited Freight Quote.Com’s time definite ground network providing faster transit times than LTL common carriers at a rate that is far more competitive than other expediters. What do we handle?

Domestic Air Freight

When ground isn’t fast enough, utilize Expedited Freight Quote.Com’s full suite of airfreight services. With 50,000+ commercial and cargo flights daily, Expedited Freight Quote.Com will make sure your shipment is delivered on time, every time, adhering to even your strictest of deadlines. Air freight doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. We are committed to providing the most competitive air freight rates in the industry.

International Air Freight

With one of the strongest global networks in the industry, Expedited Freight Quote.Com can pick up and deliver to more than 120+ countries worldwide. Companies around the world rely on Expedited Freight Quote.Com to pick up and deliver their most urgent international shipments. In addition to transportation, we can also offer in house customs brokerage services. Request a quote today for a free estimate.

Domestic and International Air Charter Services

When you need more space and timing is critical, let Expedited Freight Quote.Com handle your air charter needs. With a network of aircraft small and large, Expedited Freight Quote.Com has the capability to handle your request. Call for a free quote today.

Why Choose Expedited Freight Quote.Com

Expedited Freight Quote.Com was created to provide a personal touch that does not exist in today’s freight industry. We know that when delivery is critical for your expedited ground shipment or air freight shipment, you are looking for peace of mind. When choosing to receive a quote, you will always be provided a highly experienced, dedicated account manager who can be reached via direct number or e-mail 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all questions and requests. We always control your shipment from pick up through delivery. No brokers here, we will know where your freight is at all times and ensure it is delivered on time, every time. In addition to Expedited Freight Quote.Com's unparalleled customer service, you will also receive the most competitive rates in the expedited shipping industry. Just because your freight is time sensitive and requires expedited service, does not mean your rate has to break the bank. You will always receive the most competitive pricing to meet your deadlines. It is our goal to help the companies we work with grow more profitable through a strong transportation partnership. Request a free online quote today and see why companies around the world turn to Expedited Freight Quote.Com for all their expedited ground freight and air freight needs.


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